Welcome to Ozgu’s Page

I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. I am also the Head of Mobile Systems and Analytics (MOSAIC) Department at Simula Metropolitan.


My research team focuses on the empirical characterization of mobile networks and, the design of novel protocols and applications for future mobile networks. More specifically, my research interests lie in the areas of experimental evaluation and characterization of mobile networks (e.g. 3G/4G/5G, Wifi and satellite), the design of novel multipath protocol extensions (e.g. MPTCP, MPQUIC) over heterogeneous mobile networks and design of robust multimedia (e.g. DASH and HEVC) transmission algorithms over mobile networks especially under challenging mobility scenarios.

In the last five years, I have led the effort to build MONROE, the first European open access and flexible hardware-based platform for measurements and custom experimentation on operational Mobile Broadband (MBB) networks. Currently, the MONROE Alliance took the role to sustain the platform. All MONROE SW components and Designed Experiments are provided as open software. We further provide large Open Datasets for the community to reproduce our results as well as to use them for other purposes.